Fright Night


“Welcome to Fright Night…FOR REAL.”

Come join us for a historic piece of theatre and a Halloween event not-to-be-missed—the world premiere stage adaptation of Tom Holland’s (Psycho II, Child’s Play, Stephen King’s Thinner) classic vampire film from 1985, Fright Night!

Lovingly adapted and directed for the stage by Pittsburgh playwright (and fanboy) James Michael Shoberg, and produced by The Rage of the Stage Players, Fright Night is a faithful version of the beloved cult film, but, as is with every Rage production, it also contains new twists and turns in the spirit of the original that will make it new to die-hard fans and Fright Night virgins alike!


Fright Night tells the tale of Charley Brewster, “the boy who cried vampire.” Charley is an all-American teen and horror fanatic, who, upon witnessing the very strange and unsettling nightly activity of his new neighbors Jerry Dandrige and Billy Cole, begins to believe that Dandrige is, in fact, one of the blood-sucking undead.

Though he tries to convince his mother, his girlfriend Amy, and his best friend “Evil” Ed, no one will take him seriously given his taste for the macabre. This leaves Charley with little choice but to seek the aid of his childhood hero, a hammy B-movie vampire hunter by the name of Peter Vincent, whose perceived expertise Charley needs to defeat Dandrige and protect those he loves.

Cast (In order of Appearance)

Charley Brewster Dan Finkel
Amy Petersen Elena Cristina Lázaro
Billy Cole Ryan Ott
Jerry Dandrige Brian Ceponis
Judy Brewster Amanda Anne Leight
“Evil” Ed Thompson Corey Shaffer
Lieutenant Detective Lennox Dave Joseph
Peter Vincent Greg Crawford